New BRC Cheeses Now Available!

Stone’s Throw Cheddar is a pastuerized clothbound cheddar aged 1 1/2 years in our cave. It is semi-dry, savory in flavor, & medium sharp. This giant truckle weighs around 42 pounds in its original form. How is this cheddar is different from our “Charlie’s Legend” cheddar? Charlie’s Legend is made with all raw milk and is younger in age: right around 5 to 6 months when we release it. "Charlie's Legend" Cheddar is also smeared with butter before we age it so it develops a creamy, buttery flavor.    Winter Milk Buckhorn is the same recipe as our traditional Buckhorn except it was made with winter milk. So why don’t we just call it Buckhorn? In the cheese world, a...

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Customized gift cards are now available at our North Market location! Perfect for any occasion. The BRC gift card can be used for anything we offer at our shop including future cheese classes and custom cheese plates! *Please note the gift cards are valid only at our North Market location and can not be redeemed online or at farmer's markets at this time.

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New Year Means New Offerings!

For those of you craving a serious cheese-worthy lunch, our North Market location is now offering a full time seasonal lunch menu! We even have reserved seating at our bar for you to enjoy your lunch! Pictured here is our Traditional Raclette with Charcuterie Full Menu Below More details on location and parking here    

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