Meet Our Partner In Farm: Stone Wall Dairy

Miss Madison with Louis Catlett
Stone Wall Dairy is a 5th generation farm owned by the Catlett Family near Cambridge, Ohio. The Catlett's have owned and lived on the beautiful rolling pastures of Stone Wall Dairy since the 1880's! Part of the original stone wall is still visible along a portion of the pastures.
The Catlett Family pride themselves on their small dairy herd, averaging about 40 cows, that spend their days grazing the lush, grass-filled pastures and drinking from natural springs nearly all year long. Their current herd consists of a mix of Ayrshire, Guernsey, Jersey, along with a few naturally mixed breeds. Producing high quality,  premium milk from humanely treated animals and providing a naturally sustainable environment for the animals to thrive is top priority on the farm.
Along with their dairy cows (who all have names, like Miss Madison above), a small flock of free range chickens, a few cats, and a couple of dogs also call Stone Wall Dairy their home.
We are proud to have an exclusive partnership with Stone Wall Dairy as the sole milk provider for our cheese. You can also find their colorful free-range chicken eggs in our Creamery Farm Store. Hand picked and delivered fresh from the farm every week.

Mercury, Venus, & Flower


Louis & Star



Louis filling the milk tank.

Fair Ribbons

Luci's Layers Eggs

Luci Catlett with her hen Liesl.