Our Fruit Preserves



Our small batch fruit preserves are made to capture the seasons. Each year our fruit season begins with rhubarb in the late spring and ends with apples in the late fall. All summer we spend countless hours connecting with our local fruit farmers to narrow down the right day to gather the perfectly ripe fruit of the season.

Once harvested, we hand wash, prep, and slowly transform the season's best and most ripe fruit into our award winning preserves.

Our goal all along has been to create products that support our local community and create sustainable relationships with small, family run farms with good growing practices. We are proud to say that all of the fruit we use in our preserves comes from local farmers within an easy drive from our creamery.

We began making fruit preserves out of a passion for ingredients so ripe you can only buy them locally and in season. And we developed our own process of preserving these fruits. Our process is much slower than our beloved grandmas' recipes. We slow cook and reduce all preserves in order to reduce the amount of cane sugar that is needed and to always make fruit the number 1 ingredient.

While our particular method of making fruit preserves may not be the most economical way, by reducing yield and sugar, it does create something special.

This dedication to the ingredients and the final product, before the cost, has earned us several accolades including numerous Good Food Awards for our preserves through the years.

But alas, as with all things, nothing stays the same. The last few years have seen price increases, sometimes 2-3x, for everything from jars, to cane sugar, to labels.

This has forced us to ask some questions.....

Do we take our recipes and buy commercially available fruit? Do we change our process to increase the yield? Do we change to cheaper sugar and ingredients?

Luckily for us, these are easy questions  for us to answer. No. No, and No.

For quite a while over the last year we have resisted raising the price of the preserves to where is can be at least break even for our little company. And this has forced us to prioritize our rapidly growing artisan cheese work. After all, we are a small but dedicated team!

We know our preserves are worth it and we are looking to be able to start production again in 2023. We will continue to use only the best ingredients, and only the best fruit that is locally available. Our process isn't about making the most, its about making the best and we feel that its worth all we put into each jar, and hope you do too!