New BRC Cheeses Now Available!

Stone’s Throw Cheddar is a pastuerized clothbound cheddar aged 1 1/2 years in our cave. It is semi-dry, savory in flavor, & medium sharp. This giant truckle weighs around 42 pounds in its original form. How is this cheddar is different from our “Charlie’s Legend” cheddar? Charlie’s Legend is made with all raw milk and is younger in age: right around 5 to 6 months when we release it. "Charlie's Legend" Cheddar is also smeared with butter before we age it so it develops a creamy, buttery flavor. 


Winter Milk Buckhorn is the same recipe as our traditional Buckhorn except it was made with winter milk. So why don’t we just call it Buckhorn? In the cheese world, a lot of flavor in cheese comes from what the animals are eating at the time of their milking. Even though the cows are at the same pastures, the foliage growing/available in the winter or early spring is completely different then what is thriving in the pasture mid summer. The variation in the cows’ diets come through in the milk and eventually in the flavor of the cheese. Sometimes the flavor notes come through subtle and sometimes they are extremely different. In this case, we feel that "Winter Milk Buckhorn" is a different cheese than our traditional “Buckhorn" which is made with late spring/summer milk and would be a little misleading to sell it as the same. Not only is the hue of the cheese different but also are the flavors and texture. "Winter Milk Buckhorn" has a soft white hue and is more dry in texture. It also developed a few crunchy Tyrosine crystals while aging (aka: crunchy bits of yum!). Our traditional “Buckhorn” naturally develops more of an intense yellow hue and is creamier in flavor with little to no Tyrosine crystals when under 8 months of age.

We feel that we need to differentiate between the two because we want our customers that know and love our traditional “Buckhorn” can expect a different flavor and texture from the variation of our “Winter Milk Buckhorn”. We use the same exact recipe and techniques for both cheeses. The only difference is the what the cows have available to graze on in pasture at the time.


Arch City Swiss is our take on an Alpine style cheese. Even though this “Swiss” does not flash large holes or eyes as in some Swiss cheeses, it’s flavor is definitely “Swissy” & sweet! The rind is "semi-washed" so it’ develops a less course and dense rind compared to our Tomme & Cheddar style cheeses. This cheese is raw milk and is released for sale around 5 months of age. A great and approachable cheese that is perfect for snacking.

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