BRC Fancy Grilled Cheese & Fondue Review by Columbus Alive Magazine!

We are honored to have some of our menu items mentioned in the latest edition of Columbus Alive Magazine!  Recently we launched a small limited lunch menu at our Cheese Shop as a prelude to what will be coming after our renovation. Read the full review here.

* NOTE: We are currently offering this limited lunch menu every Friday and Saturday from 11-3pm. On Monday, April 3, we are relocating to a temporary space within the North Market in order for our permanent space to complete its renovation. We plan to put a hold on our limited lunch menu at our temporary space during the renovation and will start again once we are in the newly renovated shop.

We are hoping to have an official "Grand Opening" for the newly renovated shop sometime in May. It will feature an expanded menu and cheese offerings along with other exciting news we can't wait to share with you. Stay tuned!


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