Edible Columbus Magazine Q&A with BRC!


Edible Columbus Magazine recently interviewed us about our latest news and updates. We discussed everything from the Good Food Awards, creamery updates, and even our new partnership with Food52.com.

You can check out the entire Q&A here.


John also shared with Edible Columbus his recipe for the "Gruyére Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Caramelized Onions & our "Sailor's Cider Jelly" pictured above.

For those of you interested in creating this deliciousness, the recipe is below. Enjoy!

For caramelized onions:

Preheat pan over med heat.
Slice an onion into a fine julienne.
Put a bit of oil or butter into pan and heat. Then add onions. 
You do not want this to really cook very fast otherwise you will have burnt tips on the onions and that’s not the best. Saute onions and move when they start to get a little color on them. Then let them sit until they get a little more color, then stir. When stirring be sure to get as much of the brown bits stuck to the pan off and on to the onions! Note: as onions get close to the finish they will tend to cook faster and you may need to adjust your heat down just a bit. 
Repeat until onions are "Golden Brown & Delicious."

For sandwich:

Pre-heat pan over med.
Take 2 slices sourdough bread and brush one side of each slice liberally with olive oil. Season the oiled side with some fresh pepper and a touch of salt. This will be the outside of the sandwich.
Optional: Drop a little bit of butter in the pan.
Put about a good tablespoon of Sailor Cider on the un oiled inside of one of the slices of bread. Put that piece oil side down into hot pan. 
Layer with caramelized onions and then layer with gruyére cheese. Place final slice of bread oil side up on top.
Lightly press sandwich and let cook over medium heat flipping when bread is GB&D. Cook remaining side until GB&D and the cheese is melted. 







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