Want to know more about cheese?

Black Radish Creamery now hosting cheese classes!
Sign up to attend one of our upcoming cheese classes directed by Brian Schlatter, Head Cheese Monger and BRC Cheese Shop Manager. Brian has extensive experience making cheese all over the world! He will guide the class through proper cheese making techniques and answer questions along the way.

Cheese 101 – September 18, 2017 from 5-7         $35.00       12 people

Part lecture, part hands on

Cheese. What is it and why are there so many different varieties out there? This class will walk you through what cheese is, why it came to be, why there are so many different types and variations of types, what to do when you are shopping for cheese and how to enjoy it. Also there will be a demonstration on making a simple cheese to enjoy.


Mozzarella Stretching – October 9, 2017 from 5-6       $25.00       12 people

Hands on

Mozzarella stretching. Is there anything more intriguing than watching cheese curd stretch and bend into shapes unthought of? That’s what mozzarella stretching does. This hands on class will walk you through the ins and outs of stretching mozzarella. Participants will have the opportunity to stretch mozzarella under the guidance of Cheesemaker/monger Brian. Take home the mozz that you make and some curd to have fun with in your own home.


Cheddar - November 13, 2017 from 5-7         $35.00         20 people

Tasting class

Cheddar. The name that brings about images of bright orange to pale white, sulfury to sweet. This cheese dominates the world of cheesemaking. What is it all about and why are there so many differences between brands? Why is a traditional cheddar wrapped in cloth and others in a plastic bag? Does the color actually make a difference in the taste? Sit a spell and learn why cheddar is so complex yet so simple. Taste your way through the different and varying types and flavor profiles that are presented in cheddar.

Class sizes are limited. Reserve your spot today!
Email us: cheeseshop@blackradishcreamery.com
or visit the cheese shop inside the North Market
59 Spruce Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215
*All classes are held at the Black Radish Creamery Cheese Shop.




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